About Us

We are in essence an HR Consultants Directory. Companies are able to instantly search for and contact HR Experts to support them with their short to long term projects.

You may ask how are we different to other online networking or freelance sites: We only specialise in HR Consulting.

HR Managers no longer need to sift through large networking or freelance databases trying to guess if individuals are right for their project based on a vague profile.

Through Visible HR they can simply select the key HR specialisms they need and automatically be presented with the relevant profiles for them to contact.

You have arrived at the perfect place!

We specialise in connecting HR Experts with Companies across the UAE.

Our story

When we set up Visible HR, it was initially solely set up to help consultants win business and make the business development process less daunting for them.

Then we realised that what these HR Experts also wanted was a community they could feel part of from a business sense, a place they could share ideas, a forum which had potential business partners waiting for them, as well as opportunities to make money.

That is exactly what we aim to do with Visible HR – it’s all about connecting HR Experts with the wider Business and HR Community, and through that process everyone making fruitful and mutually beneficial connections.

The Visible HR portal is continuously growing with great calibre consultants – every Consultant is vetted and interviewed before being approved to ensure quality HR solutions for every Client and quality partnerships between Consultants.

Note: These HR Experts are not job seekers looking for permanent jobs but experienced HR Consultants looking for project work. All HR Experts in Visible HR have agreed by registering on Visible HR that they are responsible for their own Working Visa. Companies are advised to still check all the required paperwork from HR Consultants as part of their procurement process prior to project commencement.

How it Works

If you are an HR Consultant looking for short to long term projects register here to make yourself visible to Companies searching for HR Support.

If you are a Company looking for HR Consultants on a temporary basis click here to browse through and connect with our HR Experts.