What is Visible HR?

Visible HR is platorm connecting HR Consultants, by invitation only, to Companies looking to outsource their HR Projects, at a competitive project cost without diluting the quality of the HR Consultant.

Why should Consultants register with Visible HR?

Visible HR iwas created by an HR Consultant with significant UAE Consulting experience and a large number of clients. One of the hardest lessons she learned was that the first hurdle to achieving success was to try and increase her visibility to prospective clients. She learned that once this happens, through your work and relationship, you hopefully then have a regular client that will use you on an ad hoc basis for the next few years. This tool allows Consultants increase their visibility in the client space, hence that first hurdle to achieving success has automatically been removed.

How is Visible HR different to a Recruitment website advertising HR jobs?

Visible HR is not advertising jobs or projects – this is a site marketing quality HR Experts that are currently available for HR Projects projects. As a Consultant this increases your chance of finding work as more Companies will know you exist through this site and our Company marketing materials.

How do I register?

If you have been invited to register, please register your details at this link.

Is there a fee to register on this site?

The portal registration fee is $250/year or $30/month.

How should I write my bio to ensure I get contacted?

As a Consultant the best way to ensure being contacted is to provide concise information on your experience, projects and clients. Make sure rare skills such as Arabic Speaking, Available for Travel, Experience in other regions outside the UAE are all indicated. If the description is thorough but concise, you are likely to be contacted by clients. This is similar to writing a CV or LinkedIn profile – it needs to have all the relevant information but be punchy so that Companies will read your entire profile. Consultants can also attach their CVs to their profile.

Can smaller consultancies register with Visible HR?

No, only independent HR Consultants can register with Visible HR.

Can I search for Permanent Jobs through this site?

No. This is not a site for Permanent Job Seekers. Consultants registering on this site are fully responsible for their own working visa and any other document requested by the Company, such as Medical Insurance, Trade License etc. Any Consultant found using the site to find a permanent job will be removed from the site.

How will I be contacted by Companies?

You will be informed by Visible HR if a Client has expressed interest in your services when you are put forward for projects that you have applied for. 

I am not going to be available for work for 6 months – should I update my profile?

Yes, if you are registered on our platform,  please ensure your profile is regularly updated with your availability.

What is Visible HR?

Visible HR is platorm connecting HR Consultants, by invitation only, to Companies looking to outsource their HR Projects cost effectively without diluting the quality of the HR Consultants.

Why should Companies use Visible HR?

We have outlined some of the main reasons organisations keep coming back to our platform:

  • You would like external, unbiased HR experts to complete your projects
  • You do not want to hire anyone permanent to complete this adhoc piece of work
  • You do not have the time to do the research and complete this project yourself
  • You require someone who is an expert in HR practises and the Labour Law and you do not have that skill set internally

How do I use Visible HR?

Companies can tell us what they need by clicking here.

Why is Visible HR more cost effective than using large HR Consultancies

Visible HR do not hire any employees, hence the large expensive overheads that other Consultancies have, we do not have, hence we offer a cost-effective solution without diluting the quality of the Consulting.  When you decide to outsource to one of our experts, as opposed to hiring an HR employee, this also means you do not have to pay for their regular/monthly salary, their visa and any of their onboarding costs – you just pay for the consultant’s time to complete the work, whether that is 2 hours, 2 weeks or 2 months.  We just charge a small 10% administration markup fee on the project cost.Visible HR is platorm connecting HR Consultants, by invitation only, to Companies looking to outsource their HR Projects