To create financial opportunities for high performing, customer-centric HR-based experts in the middle-east.


By Providing an online platform of independant HR based experts, Visible HR creates significant cost-savings for Companies through HR outsourcing, as well as creates financial opportunities for HR Consultants, Corporates Trainers & Coaches.

Visible HR’s Core Values

Support:  Visible HR is about giving back to the Consultancy community hence we want to see this supportive attitude in every expert on this platform.  This supportive nature of experts is crucial to the success of each expert and the platform as a whole

Collaboration:  Why do we encourage collaboration between experts?  Visible HR wants to ensure that every expert on the platform has the opportunity to grow their skillset and learn from their peers.  We want to ensure that every expert has the opportunity to be part of a project no matter how large and complex.  We want to ensure that every expert has the opportunity to be coached by their peers.  We want to see this collaborative characteristic in every expert on the Visible HR platform.

Community:  Visible HR encourages the idea of a small business Community to share ideas and knowledge amongst each other, to get to know potential project peers and to network with potential Clients.  Building our Community is building our success.  Why?  Through our events experts are empowered through learning from each other and other business leaders, they are encouraged to share their experiences and to support other experts.  The growth of each expert results in the growth of Visible HR as a whole and every expert that is in alignment with this belief is exactly what we want on our platform.